This website presents various aspects of the most characteristic and colourful artifacts of Christian Nubian culture, namely wall paintings. These original objects present in an overwhelmimg way many aspects of the culture of the Christian Nubian kingdoms that existed in the Middle Nile Valley from approximately the middle of the 6th to the end of the 14th centuries. In the face of still scarce textual sources, these object are not only unique works of art but also, or maybe first of all, invaluable sources of knowledge about this chapter of Nubian past.

The University of Warsaw has a long tradition in studies concerning the culture of Christian Nubia. Its beginnings and development are connected with the figure of prof. Kazimierz Michałowski and the famous discovery of the cathedral in Faras, during the UNESCO International Campaign to Save the Monuments of Nubia. From that time the University of Warsaw continues both research and teaching programmes devoted to ancient Nubian cultures.  The idea of this webpage is part of the continuity of this tradition.